jeudi 17 novembre 2022

DEADLY TERMINUS - English Version - Part 1 and 2


Translation made with the free version of the translator  

- Version Française -
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This story is a fiction

Any resemblance to real or existing people

or situations that have existed or are real

would be pure coïncidence

Following many English and american fans who visit this site, here is the story of Jimini HOLMES and Ciiindy WATSON, the two Louland investigators translated into English about one of their adventures.

The translation from French to English was done using the"DEEP.L Translator". system. There may be errors of meaning, word or verb for the expressions.

Please inform me of them so that I can correct them if you see any.

 Good reading

Suite à de nombreux fans anglophones qui visitent ce site, voici une histoire de Jimini HOLMES et Ciiindy WATSON, les deux enquêteurs loulandais traduit en anglais autour d'une de leurs aventures.

Bonne découverte aux lecteurs anglophones.





Summary of previous part: Garbage collectors discovered the body of a young man in a large garbage can.

Known to the police for delinquent acts, he is part of a series of murders with the same modus operandi: the victims are tazed and then murdered... 




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