vendredi 18 novembre 2022

DEADLY TERMINUS - English Version - Part 3 and 4


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- Version Française -
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This story is a fiction

Any resemblance to real or existing people

or situations that have existed or are real

would be pure coïncidence 


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Summary of the previous episode: Another body was found near a bus station... More than 12 murders since the beginning of the year in Zürich, almost the same number of homicides as in the last 3 years in the city...

What's going on?

Is a serial killer on the prowl?

Inspector ZÜGER of the "Criminal Brigade" of the ZÜRICH Police, in charge of the investigation, decides to call upon a friend...

Part 4: "THREAT"

Summary of previous episode: Jimini HOLMES and Ciiindy WATSON have come to ZÜRICH to help Inspector Wolfgang ZÜGER solve a series of murders that have been committed in the north of the city.

Since the beginning of the year, a dozen murders have taken place without any clear link between them. The only link between them is that the victims were from the petty crime world...



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