samedi 25 mars 2023

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Parts 1 and 2 - English Version


- English Version -

- This web series is a fiction -
Any resemblance to real or existing persons
or situations that have existed or are real
would be purely coincidental.

- Version Française -
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Part 1: NO CHANCE...
Summary of previous episodes: After the arrest of Moriarty and his son, and the elucidation of the theft of the royal jewels, Holmes could be delighted, but for several days, Ciiindy Watson has not given him any news. He's bored and can't tease his lady-in-waiting anymore. 

When suddenly... 



Summary of the previous part: Jimini has found his old friend Icham, who has just entrusted him with a mission: to find out who might be after his employer, Prince Ali Ben Mazout...




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