dimanche 5 mars 2023

The History of the HOLMES Family - The childhood of Jimini - Part 2 and 3 - English Version


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Any resemblance to real or existing persons
or situations that have existed or are real
would be purely coincidental.

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Summary of the first part: Mycroft HOLMES went to the Royal Palace of LURENBERG, with his nephew Jimini, and where an incident took place: people argued on the sidelines of an important summit.
The representative of QUATRETAR, a small country in the Middle East, got into an argument with two other representatives: a Syrian, Abdel Bel MIKTAR and an Egyptian, Ali Ben RIRI...





Summary of previous episode: Young Jimini recognizes one of the people who was present at a summit a month earlier and was traveling in his bus.

He reports it to his uncle Mycroft who immediately recognizes the Egyptian Ali Ben RIRI... Why did he take a bus ???

Mycroft, in the presence of his father Arthur and the young Jimini, follow him discreetly. This one meets another protagonist, the Syrian Abdel Bel MIKTAR... 
Mycroft takes advantage of the presence of a policeman so that he goes to make a simple identity control and to see the reaction of these two strange men...

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