jeudi 1 juin 2023

Season 6 - Episode 2 - Part 5 - English Version

- English Version -

- This web series is a fiction -
Any resemblance to real or existing persons
or situations that have existed or are real
would be purely coincidental.

- Version Française -
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Part 5: ZURICH

Summary of the previous part: And the killing spree continues: as Jimini HOLMES and Inspector TENROC meet Alvarez de la PAMPA in MADRID, he is shot dead in his home by a sniper...

However, before he died, he was able to talk to them about a person who posed as a journalist and who had asked him many questions, such as how the Swordfish flies, what could bring it down...

He also told them that Emma SCHROEDER had given him an account number in a PRAGUE bank in the Czech Republic...

When they arrived in PRAGUE, they discovered that there was a sum of 20,000 euros in it. And that the payment had been made via a Swiss bank in ZURICH.

They decide to go there, hoping to find out the owner of the account who paid the money into the PRAGUE account...










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