dimanche 16 avril 2023

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Part 2 - English Version


- English Version -

- This web series is a fiction -
Any resemblance to real or existing persons
or situations that have existed or are real
would be purely coincidental.

- Version Française -
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Summary of the previous part: Jimini HOLMES took Ciiindy WATSON on a weekend trip to TENROC les Deux Eglises.
The place of accommodation was in fact the house of Jimini HOLMES' mother, who made her mother believe that Ciiindy was his girlfriend...

While everything was going well, Jimini HOLMES saw the presence of the Police at the corner of a street.
They are investigating the death of a big boss who has come to his country house.

He had a heart attack. A bottle of medicine is on the table...
What happened ???





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