vendredi 26 mai 2023

Season 5 - Episode 2 - Part 2 - English Version


- English Version -

- This web series is a fiction -
Any resemblance to real or existing persons
or situations that have existed or are real
would be purely coincidental.

- Version Française -
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Summary of the previous part: LISTENBURG is looking for new energy resources, and one of them is shale gas. LISTENBURG's soil is full of it... But the extraction and transportation processes are not environmentally friendly...

Sabotage has taken place on construction sites managed by 2 major foreign groups.

Jimini HOLMES and Ciiindy WATSON are commissioned by Prime Minister Listenburger to investigate the sabotage.

They meet Joseph MOBILI, a major Listenburger builder, and his son Manucar.

The patriarch explains that he, too, is conducting a parallel investigation with the police to uncover the saboteurs of his installations.

Jimini HOLMES decides to consult Cindy's cousin to find out more about the family.













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