mercredi 31 mai 2023

Season 5 - Episode 8 - Part 2 - English Version

- English Version -

- This web series is a fiction -
Any resemblance to real or existing persons
or situations that have existed or are real
would be purely coincidental.

- Version Française -
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Summary of the previous part: A group of people meet in a car junkyard and exchange photos of a SWP...

A hooded person broke into the  Research and Development Center of LISTENBURG (RDCL) and was surprised by a guard... 
This person managed to escape by knocking out the guard, despite the swift arrival of the Police...

Jimini HOLMES was out walking the next morning when he spotted Inspector TENROC and his old professor CITIZEN'S, now in charge of the RDCL.

CITIZEN'S shows them where the individual has broken in. It's a secret project: the SWP, Submarine Winds Project, a tridal turbine...

During his explanation, CITIZEN'S invites Jimini HOLMES to discover another revolutionary energy project...



















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